This is one of the first logo's

I did back in 1993. 

The company is still

in business today.

I have had the pleasure to do all of the graphics for Marietta High School's tennis team for several years. This is some of the work that I have done for the team free of charge.

I was on a billiard team. We called our selves the Cue Tips. This was the teams logo.

Now this was a logo I did for a alternative rock band. They have now resolved.

This quad folded brochure was built for a company that produced fuel tanks for mostly the military. The company is located in an old Goodyear tire plant in Rockmart Georgia. Goodyear at that time still parked there blimp in the hanger there. We also made a brochure for the French Air Show that year for Meggitt as well.

A simple

website for a Stained glass maker.

This website is for the Georgis Department of Education.

Built for a botanical garden in the Virgin Island. Did not get paid. So it did not roll to the 

their domain.

Just recently built this logo for a new company. This company gives advice to families on the best way to take care of their elderly.

GeoNeighboring was a mass mailing company. I built this logo in the mid 90's.